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Qwiki Public Alpha

Sharing here an email I received from the Qwiki Team:

Qwiki Public Alpha – New Features 

Hello there!

In case you haven’t noticed yet – due to the incredible demand, we’ve opened the Qwiki alpha to all users, with several new features:

“Improve This Qwiki”
Users are invited to submit pictures and videos relevant to any Qwiki, augmenting our content in places it’s incomplete. You’re also encouraged to report any mispronounced words, and vote on the speed of the voice. Easy ways to make Qwiki better!

The Qwiki experience is no longer married to Qwiki.com. Now, you can embed Qwikis on any third party site. Just click the “Embed This” button from Qwiki’s “end screen” (you can skip to the end of each Qwiki by clicking the “Q+” button in the nav bar).

Qwikis can now be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Email, via our new short code qwi.ki.

More details on the most recent features can be found here.

The public alpha will allow us to collect even more feedback and improve Qwiki’s first corpus, covering 3 million people, places and things. More to come…

Much love,
– The Qwiki Family


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Anyone for a Qwiki?

When I first saw Qwiki(pronounced quickie) in a Twitter feed a few days ago, I didn’t mind it as there were(I thought) more interesting items at that time; more interesting and cool tools to learn about tweeted by renowned professionals in the EdTech field. Then yesterday I was sidelined by a fever and had to beg off from a Saturday afternoon commitment in school. It was late Friday night in the US and the Twitter feed was sluggish. So I found Qwiki again via Lazyscope and was attracted by the page. Visiting it, I found that Qwiki is in Alpha and you get to try it out only if you get invited. So I entered my email address and requested for an invitation. I received a confirmation email and was told to wait for login credentials to be able to play around with the site. I received the certification today after about 24 hours.

It has been 3 hours since I first visited the site and I’m still on it liking what I’m seeing… and hearing. It is Wikipedia come to life via text-to-speech and slide presentations. Qwiki’s pitch: The Information Experience… You just don’t get information on a page to read, you experience it via images and audio.

It’s a good source to find out about places, people, events and things. Since it is still in Alpha, feedback is solicited and it is still hopeful that more can be done with it. At the moment, there are 2 million individual entries on their database. It’s integration with Google Maps and presenting timelines when there are dates involved are definitely pluses. And it suggests Qwikis related to your subject.

It’s far from perfect but having images moving around in sync with text-to-speech is indeed an experience. Be one of the first to try it out. The Alpha release is only on it’s 20th day today. Request for an invite here.

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