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Convert Files Easy, Fast and Free

This free online file converter lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another. It supports a lot of different source and destination formats. Since it is online, no software installation is necessary. online-ConVert.com allows conversion of the following media files: Audio, Video, Image, Document, Ebook and includes a hash generator. It handles most audio, video and image files created on different platforms. This free web application automatically downloads your new converted file to your default downloads folder/location.

What’s more, when you are converting large-sized files, it offers to send you an email notification if and when the conversion process is done. This way, you can leave the application running on the background while you do other work on your computer. An added feature of the web app is automatically generating a QRcode shown on the site after a successful conversion and download. The QRcode may then be captured with your camera-phone and a direct download link is generated. This allows you to download the converted file(Audio/Video) to your mobile phone. Go checkout the site from here.

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