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Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy on Prezi

Most of us teachers, at one time or another, have studied Bloom’s Taxonomy. Named after Benjamin Bloom, editor of The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives(1956), it was pretty much the bible of any student of education. Since its publishing, Bloom’s thoughts and central ideas have gone through a lot. Just as anything or anybody would have gone through plenty in 54 years of existence. It has been tossed around a lot, debated upon, trampled on, praised as gospel truth, etc. Because of this, the taxonomy has gone through several revisions, many variations, addenda and changes in terminology(nouns/verbs). Today’s education scholars continue this vigorous activity.
Probably the latest version of the hierarchy is the one of Andrew Churches called Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. As teachers, it might be good to review past learnings. Here’s a link to Joshua Coupal’s Prezi on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy(2009).
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