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A wonder a day

Why is Pluto no longer a planet? Why are Cheddar cheese orange in color? Why is turkey served during Thanksgiving dinner? Three simple questions you, your children or your students might have wondered about. I am sure that right now, you suddenly have a rush of questions going through your minds; Why does hair turn gray? Could I be a human compass? How do streets get their names?

These are wonders and it would be very educational to get to know answers to these questions. One site that delivers answers to such questions is Wonderopolis. A program by the National Center for Family Literacy that seeks to engage and inspire families in learning together. The site conveys knowledge, understandings, even skills and activities on a daily basis via its Wonder of the Day feature.

It’s a great way for parents to have that unique time with their children learning together. Even though the focus of this site are the parents, I believe teachers could use this site in the classroom; as a writing prompt, a research starter or a springboard to a discussion. Find out for yourself and tell us how you can use this in the classroom.

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