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Alternative Software & Applications

There are multiples of applications and software out there that are very useful for our daily lives. As a teacher, as a student, as a learner in the 21st century, we rely heavily on these tools. From full suites to individual applications, to get our message across, to fine tune that poster, to edit that short film, etc. Most of these software are proprietary and do not come cheap, especially when you come from a developing country in Asia. How many times have we almost succumbed(or actually succumbed) into buying pirated software especially when they are openly available in flea markets? Or search for cracks from illegal internet sources? And always our reasoning is that genuine software is so expensive. There is no denying that they are. That is why our school has gone open source.

We know that there are cheaper, or even free, alternative tools and applications that are available and sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right software to suit your needs. You may do a search but AlternativeTo makes it easy for you to sift through categories with a long list of untested/unreviewed software. Whether for your computer or mobile phone, AlternativeTo can help you find just what you need. Software and applications are listed based on users recommendations so that you are assured that these substitutes or replacements have been tested and vouched for by users.

Chances are, whatever software or applications you find may be as powerful and as easy to use as the proprietary ones. When you sign up, you are also invited to participate in recommending and submit applications that you like. Go find what you need now!

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