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Trying out Poll Everywhere

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Poll Everywhere is a web-based Audience Response System(ARS). It is used to gather live responses from an audience(conferences, assemblies, classrooms, presentations, etc.) with out the need of using expensive ARS hardware(clickers). Participants can submit their responses via the web(clicking on a choice/s on a webpage), Twitter(tweeting @poll and a supplied keyword) and international texting(text a supplied keyword to a specified number). Results are then beamed to a live chart that can be projected on screen, downloaded as a Powerpoint or Keynote slide or published on a webpage.

Please help me in trying this out by participating in a simple poll. Maybe we can make use of this in Xavier for our classes and activities. Since I am using a free account, only the first 30 responses will be tallied. As I have only a limited blog audience, I am sure your vote will count 😉 Since most(I’m guessing) will try responding via the website, I am encouraging those with Twitter accounts to respond via Twitter. US residents please try responding via text messaging. Text messaging is still not supported by Philippine carriers). I will let everybody know about the results.

Via Twitter or Text Message(US Only):

Click on the link below to vote via web:



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