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Plugging the Leak

For some, using the internet for researching a specific topic is distracting. A common case is when you encounter terminology you are not familiar with, you leave the page and do a separate search and before you know it, you have clicked too far away from your original site. Some web publishers call this a “search leak”. A user leaves a page when he craves for more information, opens another tab and does another search. A way to plug that leak is to have an ‘instant search’ without leaving the original page and therefore is more engaged and with lesser possibility of being ‘distracted’.

Enter Apture Highlights. A free browser extension that gives you “instantaneous search” on any website. Keeping up with the Halloween theme, I Googled Dracula and was led to a Romanian Tourism site which had an article about the Dracula legend. Reading on, I found an item which I wanted to know more about. I highlight it, and because I have the Apture Highlights extension installed on my Chrome browser, this is what I saw:

And when I clicked “Learn More”, I was presented with this:

More information about the phrase I highlighted, and I did not need to open up a Google tab or window for it. Go to Apture and download the extension. Available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users. I learned about this from Richard Byrne.

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