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Visual Bookmarking – Only2Clicks

Every browser offers a start-up page that can be customized to your preference. And a feature you use to bookmark favorite sites that you regularly visit. That’s great! It leaves brain cells free for other things as you do not have to memorize web addresses. When you click ‘Bookmarks’ on the menu bar of your browsers, you probably will see a long list of sites that you have bookmarked over the time you have been using your computer. Or if you are using a start-up page, you probably have one that shows thumbnails of your many favorite sites. But maybe some of us have felt that the bookmark list is already too long or that the start-up page, too cluttered. That you need a little extra time to find the site you are looking for. If you ever felt that way before, read on.

Enter Only2Clicks, a web tool freely available that helps you organize your start-up page and manage your bookmarks. Just signup and you have your own start-up page and visual bookmarks in the cloud. After logging in, you can setup your start-up page, adding tabs for categories and adding categorized bookmarked sites. You can have a ‘Home’ tab for your absolutely favorite, regularly visited sites(email, blog, social networking), a tab for different search engines you use, a category where all your favorite game sites are bookmarked, one for online shopping, another for the different sports or news websites, etc. You can drag and move the thumbnail around to your liking or let Only2Clicks alphabetize the thumbnails for you(ala-OC mode). And if you set it as your homepage, you’re only 2 clicks away from the site you want to visit.

screenshot of my Only2Clicks page

screenshot of my Only2Clicks page

And here’s the real bonus: wherever you are, whichever computer you use, just login to your Only2Clicks account and you have your own start-up page and visual bookmarks right in front of you.

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