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Blog Prompts #1 from Operation NExT Team

Xavier School’s Operation NExT Team rolled out the first series of questions to get more Xavier Faculty and Staff to start WordPressing. Check out my answers 😀

1)  What do you do in Xavier? (Position and Years)

Currently with Information Technology Services and the Operation NExT Team

PhysEdTeacher + DepartmentChair + TeamLeader + AthleticsCoordinator + PresentAssignment = 17 Years

2)  If I were not working in Xavier, I would be coaching elite endurance athletes.

3)  My favorite HS subject/club in school was being a member of the Marching Band.

3)  What Britney Spears song would best describe you when you first arrived in Xavier?

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

I love rock ‘n’ roll so put another dime in the jukebox, Baby!

I love rock ‘n’ roll so come and take the time and dance with me!

4)  What John Mayer song would best describe you now?

This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday

5)  I wish there was a swimming pool again at Xavier.

6)  Favorite moment at Xavier was when seeing students work in the computer laboratories during their breaktime.

7)  I can’t wait for the pool to open again 😀


One response to “Blog Prompts #1 from Operation NExT Team

  1. bmarana Thu 2010 Oct 07 at 23:28

    Yes! Can’t wait for the pool! But I’ll be in Beijing 😦

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