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I have an online newspaper

I created my own online newspaper and I had fun doing it. It was easy, took just several minutes and I learned a lot… coolness. View my online newspaper here inthobpas.newscred.comNewsCred is a site where you can create your own newspaper. Their tagline: Create and Discover Newspapers About the Things You Love. Create your own newspaper in 60 seconds.

So how does it work? After signing up for a free account, you are prompted to select the topics you want published in your newspaper. You have control over what kind of content will appear. Preloaded with content from over 2500 news sources and blogs, you can select relevant, high quality multi-media material that interests you. The result, you have an online newspaper displaying news, features and interesting information personally suited to your preference. What’s more, you can write your editorials and really make it your own.

Your newspaper comes to life with high quality articles, blog posts, beautiful images, videos, Twitter buzz and more which you can share with friends. It could be a good project idea for a class where small groups could create newspapers and share with other groups. As owner of your newspaper, you can follow any newspaper in NewsCred.

Here are some interesting newspapers:

http://eflnews.newscred.com/ http://thecrimejournal.newscred.com/ http://entertainingtvnews.newscred.com/

Go create your newspaper and share it with us!


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