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What Does a Word Mean to You?

A word is a single meaningful element of speech or writing. We use them to communicate with each other. By talking, by typing, even by signing. There are a lot of dictionaries available that offer definitions of words and their derivatives. We ourselves have our own ways of defining words. And how we define them depend on our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings at the time we offer the definition. In other words we give a personal meaning or a connotation.

wordia.com is like a cross between YouTube, Wikipedia and the Oxford English Dictionary. Wordia is a multimedia online dictionary where you find definitions to hundreds of English words on video. There are teachers, students, writers, scientists, athletes, celebrities, etc. who have contributed to the video library. They define words with their own personal meanings.

Here anyone can provide the definitions. Think of a word that has a special meaning to you, then video yourself explaining what it means and upload the clip to Wordia. Other users can then rate and comment on your video, with the most popular contributions flagged on the homepage. Entries are also accompanied by written definitions and synonyms to ensure the word is understood. Since it is quite new, there’s room for your contributions.

To use this free resource, you need to sign up for Wordia as well as a YouTube account. You can use your existing YouTube account if you already have one. Teachers can create their own free school account and have lots of lesson ideas and activities. Its strong security features ensure that all content and community activity is suitable for the classroom.

Visit wordia.com today… bring words to life and redefine the dictionary!


One response to “What Does a Word Mean to You?

  1. Yvonne Chiou Thu 2010 Oct 07 at 06:47

    What does the word “chakrawska” mean in English?

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